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On ground Stealth Tactical Antennas & Underground Communications development website


Valporquero HF 3 MHz test

Underground station (-80 m.) Sil de las Perlas, Valporquero cave, León,

(Yaesu FT817ND, 0,5 w RF power, WormAnt antenna, 80 m. band)

Two surface stations:

  • Point A: distance 240 m (WormAnt antenna).
  • Point B: distance 980 m. (SoilAnt antenna).
2023/08/01 19:28 · eb1hbk
SoilAnt Green, an easy soil ant for Hams

If you want explore the soil ants performance this simple model it's for you!

Only needs a ATU1), a balum and some meters of conductor. The details in the images and a link for download the full article at the end ;-) .

→

2023/02/20 12:43 · eb1hbk
Home made RX tactical loop

A simple but effective RX antenna for 40 meters HAM band. S/N RX improvement. Click on image for full article.

2022/01/30 14:40 · eb1hbk


Automatic Antenna Tunner
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